NEW Service Program

NFA Members:

At our 2019 Spring Showcase we introduced a program being proposed for the benefit of our NFA membership by one our Associate members, Ascent Global Logistics (AGL).  This program would offer NFA members exclusive discounts and access to AGL's transportaton services.  By combining together the membership of the NFA this program would make available better freight rates, especially for those of us that have limited shipping needs and as a result would not be able to individually negotiate high discounts based upon high volumes, like some of the largest of our members can.

This a way for all of us to pool together and hopefully save us all some dollars.

Your Board of Directors has been in discussions with AGL and are willing to bring this type of relationship to the NFA membership as a way to add value for the members. 

To help them do that we need you to complete a short online survey so that AGL can compile the results to gauge interest and come up with a baseline for the service program.

Please go to: and complete the online survey.  It is 10 simple questions and requires no confidential information.  You do not need to provide any personal information or email addresses.  It has been set up specifically for the NFA.

We have not shared any information with AGL so your privacy remains in place.

Please complete the survey and let's see if the NFA can put together a program to help all of our members!

Thank you,

Nancy Blogin
NFA Executive Director

NFA Webmaster