Update on CPSC rule making 3/22/18

NFA’s supplemental comments that were submitted to the CPSC are available at the bottom of the page.

NFA continues to oppose an outright ban on all powdered metals in burst charges as has been proposed. NFA supports a reasonable amount of powdered metals in burst charges as necessary to create effects. Today’s aerial fireworks are safer than ever and NFA opposes any proposal that would alter market norms.

NFA continues to reach out to CPSC and APA to try to work through issues with the proposed rule, with the ultimate goal of replacing the “ear test” with a an objective, reproducible standard that maintains market norms.


We remind all NFA members of the importance of emphasizing safety when using aerial devices. Most injuries are attributable to misuse, and it is critical for our industry that aerial devices be used in a safe manner.


We also remind all members with DOT EX numbers that the formulations disclosed on your EX forms must be consistent with the compositions in the devices that are transported. If your EX form did not include powdered metals in burst charges, your devices should not have powdered metals in burst charges.


Finally, we are aware of concerns about recent trends in CPSC enforcement, including targeted and uneven treatment of sampling. NFA is working to address these concerns, and will be requesting a meeting with CPSC enforcement.


Your friend in fireworks,


Nancy Blogin, Executive Director


NFA Supplemental Comments

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