NFA Group Insurance 2/21/18

Dear NFA Member:


As your Board of Directors continually searches for ways for your membership to benefit you we are investigating an NFA affinity Group Medical coverage plan along with possible general business service plans.  To do this we need to measure the interest of our membership in this type of plan.  It will be administered by a third party provider - Bukatey Companies - and bring to you the advantage of obtaining group health insurance that is available nationwide, based on group NFA pricing.  By pooling our membership together the program would give you a, likely,  lower cost option for your medical insurance needs.  Many trade organizations such as the National Fireworks Association have these types of programs and where they can be done they offer great savings on insurance costs for the members.


We have already met with national providers of such a service and the attached survey is a result of those meetings.  To judge the viability of offering such a program we need to gather some information on our end first.  Attached to this email is a simple survey asking about the total full-time equivalent (FTE) employees that you have at your business.  Those would include, owners, officers, and any employees that you would consider offering the plan options to.  


The purpose of this survey is to find out 2 things:

1) How many total companies would be a part of the plan.

2) How many employees at those companies would be offered the insurance by, you, the employer.

What types of insurance you would consider.


Please complete the following survey and send it back to and .


We will compile some general data and present it to the insurance providers for their information.  This is all done anonymously, no names or personal information - company or otherwise - will be given out. The company information we are requesting on the form is a chance for us to update our member contact information.  We will only be providing the following information to Bukatey:

1) number of companies

2) number of employees

3) what products are of interest

4) states in which companies are located in


Lastly - Even if you already health insurance plans in place or have health insurance through some other means - please complete the survey.  By getting a true and accurate picture of demand and volume - the instituting of this program may result in providing you a better option and the more participants in any health plan the better the rates.


Thank you in advance for your participation in this survey, we need your help in bringing this service to the membership.  It could go a long way towards lowering your business expenditures as well as offering an important employee benefit to help you find and retain quality employees.  By consolidating our memberships numbers we hope this plan will offer a valuable and business smart program for our membership that will save you all money.  This is just one more way your NFA is working for you.


If you have any questions, please let me know.




Steve Houser


National Fireworks Association

NFA Webmaster