In this email you will find attachments that will provide you with information for your NFA DEMO.
Please read carefully, because there are several extremely important changes that relate to your product demo.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Safety Team listed below, for further assistance:
Safety Team C/O
Howard Fry fax (814) 262-9082 Cell (814) 659-7201
Thank you,
Your NFA Safety Team Committee

The NFA Safety Team would want to thank each of our Democompanies for allowing us to FIRE UP your great product.

The Safety Team the core team is: Howard Fry, Brian Klapper, and Mike Romano these 3 members bring over 90 years of pyrotechnic experience. Others members are Mike and Bethany Bateman and Steve Kline. These members have over 55 years of Pyro knowledge. We just want to advise every one of some new and old rules for your product that will be displayed this year. There will be a rule sheet in your demo packet but we wanted to highlight some major rules.

  1. Demos will be held 4 nights this year * starting Monday Sept. 10, 2018. This year we will start at 8:00 PM. We will be shooting 4 nights. Please keep in mind you know your product and its duration; you should not bring 48 items and schedule a 12 min. time slot with option to purchase 3 additional min. This year we have a strict curfew, this year we will count your opening remarks towards your TOTAL time, finales will be included in your time slot. You may include a finale, the NFA Safety Team will set-up and fire your finale after your Demo. All 1.3 Demos will be on Friday night. If you will have 1.4 “Pro” e-fired devices please notify the Safety Team and see rules for this type of fired devices.
  2. (All Demo Companies must check in with the Safety Team after you have registered for the NFA Convention in the hotel same day) We need to know who is responsible for your product and who we can contact (American cellular phone number and English speaking person in charge) with any questions. Your product should be on site but if not we still need to check with you regarding it’s logistics and further instructions. You also will be given any updates or changes. If you do not check in with the Safety Team we will not prep your product. If you show up the day of your Demo with your product we may not have time to prep your product. If you have logistics problems we need to know then.
  3. Upon shipping or transporting your product we would like to know, who is shipping it, where it is being delivered, and approximate date of arrival. We need to know this, so we can alert you if your product does not show up in our holding area. This will help you to trace or track your shipment. Please send an E-Mail to nfasafetyteam@gmail.com and let us know your shipping information.
  4. The Demo schedule will be made by the Safety Team. No Companies will be able to schedule a night or time slot. Don’t ask for special favor or request. We will be able to let you know of your night and slot within a few weeks of your registration.
  5. All products must be “shelf ready” no Christmas wrapping, no plain wrapping, product must fit the label. EX numbers must be included on your Demo Sheets. There will no re-wrapping on site, it must come prepared. Last year all companies received last and final warning. No storage for extra product or storing of product for sale. Your product MUST be ready for us to prep when on-site. You will not be permitted to work on your product in our work area. There is no storage of other type of product in our work area. We have very limited storage. We cannot hold your product for someone else to pick up later. There is plenty of room for parking trailers and trucks on site. Please see an NFA Safety or Security person for directions. All parking is fenced in locked over night. There is more room and security at Demo site than hotel. Any extra product not removed after it’s prepped will be destroyed.
  6. All paperwork and rules and regulations must be completed by the dates requested or deadlines. If any deadline is missed you will be removed from your day and time slot. Another Company will be called from the wait/call up list. This new company will have 1 week to have everything brought up to the time schedule. Every Company has over 4 months to get everything in order; there is plenty of time with this schedule.
  7. There will no music, slides, or other entertainment during a Demo unless it is totally provided the Demo Company doing the Demo. NFA safety team MUST be notified of any equipment you will be using and for approval from
    NFA Board and Safety Team.


As stated above these are just some of the major rules. Please keep in mind the NFA Safety Team is 100% volunteer and getting YOUR product to look its best requires all of our effort. We all operate on a time schedule and we’ve tried to give as much time to you and ourselves as possible to make it come together. Please help us to help you. Together we can make this demo the best ever.
THANKS from your Safety Team.

Product Demo Information

To help make your product demo run smoothly, please help your NFA Safety Crew with the following:

  • Have your entire product out on the shoot site “at least the day before your scheduled demo, or earlier”.
  • If your product is shipped to the site you must come to the shoot site prep area ASAP, to have your product checked in. You will then be given a receipt and further instructions.
  • At any time you are in the prep area or shoot site please just remain on site for your duties. We as the Safety Team have other demos and duties to perform.
  • When you bring your product out to the shoot site, have a company representative with your product, to answer any questions.
  • PLEASE check in at the DEMO Site after you have registered in the Hotel
  • 1.4g brown wrapped, Christmas wrapped, plain paper, demo product not allowed. Demo product to be displayed, must be in market wrapper, “Shelf Ready” Product must fit in all labels.
  • It is mandatory to have your demo shooting order handout sheets submitted to The Safety Team before July 23, 2018.
  • All demo handout sheets must be submitted to the Safety Team MUST be in pdf file format, landscape format and printed on one side only in black and white. PLEASE INCLUDE EX Number for all product, this will be printed as well. Please see enclosed sample sheet for your layout format. Everything must be in Landscape and in “word or excel” format.

NO, 1.3 is to be shipped or stored at either location.

6 Inch is largest 1.3 shell for this site.

For 1.4g Shipping or Storage Information contact:
Jakes Fireworks
1162 South West Hunter Road
Towanda, KS. 67144

Shipping Information:
Andover Central Park
Park Maintenance Bldg.
In care of: NFA Safety Team
1607 East Central Ave.
Andover, KS. 67002
(814) 659-7201

1.3g product is not allowed to be stored at either location or any Hotels. No sales of any type permitted at NFA events.

If you have any questions contact;
Safety Team at nfasafetyteam@gmail.com

Dear NFA Demo Company,

  1. 1. Your product must be checked in by your company representative. If you have your product shipped in, you must come to the prep area and check your product. This must done A.S.A.P. upon registration.
  2. You will be given written instruction as to what time and day you need to be back in the prep area to check your product to be shot that night. You will be taken on the field to make sure your product is in its proper order.
  3. In these written instructions you also will be told where the announcers table is and what time you must be there. You may announce your items or the NFA will provide an announcer for you. If you are not there your demo will be displayed and announced on time by the NFA announcer. We ask that you keep your announcement to your company name and location THIS YEAR YOUR TIME CLOCK WILL START WHEN YOU START TALKING. Finales will be counted in your time slot.
  4. You have a maximum time of 12 minutes with 3 minutes extra for purchase, which ever you have chosen for your demo. These are maximum times, if you run out of time your demo will be stopped and the next companies will begin. Demos will start at 8:00 PM each night.

The Safety Team will have your product transported to the prep area Sunday September 9. You are encouraged to come to the prep area THAT day. If you are transporting your own product please have it to the prep area by Monday September 10 and 11. If for some reason you cannot make it to the prep area either of these days please contact the Safety Team at the number listed below. We also will have a safe area in the prep area for all demo companies to wait until being escorted into the work, storage area. Only 1 Demo Company will be allowed to enter the work and storage area at a time. You will check your product and proceed back to the safe area for your paper work. On your demo night the same type of system will be in place, only 1 demo company on the field. We ask that after you have been given your instructions and paperwork you leave the prep area and field. This is being done to let us work with each company separately to solve any issues. The prep area and display area are for Safety Team only. If you have a need to be there longer or to work on a display, you must check with our Security and Safety Officer on site. You will then, sign in and be given a wrist band to permit your access that day.

The Safety Team will be on site from Saturday September 8 and can be reached at 814-659-7201 or nfasafetyteam@gmail.com . This number and E-Mail will be answered 24/7 from that day until the convention is over. Thank you! Together we can make this another great Convention.


“NFA Company’s Registered For Demo’s Only”

Demo Books
Safety Team will take all material to the printing company on July 23, 2018. Send your material to Safety Team C/O nfasafetyteam@gmail.com by July 23, 2018

Material to be sent for printing

  • Company’s B/W black & white cover page (PDF format) (8X10 inch paper sheet size)(landscape), this will be placed in front of your demo shoot list, making your company stand out.
  • (8X10 inch paper sheet size) Please see enclosed sample sheet.Demo shoot sheets (word or excel, landscape format) B/W black & white only!
  • Please include the EX number of each item


Remember, if your demo handout is not received prior to July 23, 2018, you will not have any handouts for your demo. Printing of your own demo handout sheets and distributing them is strictly prohibited by the NFA!

If your information is not received by the Safety Team by July 23, 2018, C/O nfasafetyteam@gmail.com the NFA will display your demo product, but NFA viewing members, will not receive any material from you for your demo.

Demo Companies are strictly prohibited from printing and distributing Their own handouts! “NFA Board and Safety Committee will not allow any exceptions to this rule!”

  • A secured area for your product will be available at Andover Central Park Demo Shoot site. Security for your product will be provided at Andover Central Park Demo Shoot site September 8th at 12:00 noon, thru Saturday, 10:00am September 14, 2018.
  • PLEASE!!! “NO” trucks, trailers or vehicles, etc. with live product at the host hotel area. There is plenty or parking at the park and it is locked after hours. All D.O.T. laws and regulations must be followed in product transportation and storage.
  • All demos will have a twelve (12) or fifteen (15) minute STRICT time limit (depending what you registered for) to display your product. Your demo will be timed by a Safety Team Member, and will be terminated at the end of your allotted time.
  • All demos will be hand fired by the NFA Safety Team only!
    • Class-C 1.4g product must be displayed one at a time! No multiple items may be displayed, until your entire demo product has been shot one at a time. NFA Safety Team will set up and hand fire your finale. If you want your finale electrically fired, you are responsible for setting up and shooting your finale. NFA Safety does not set up or shoot product electronically. Please see NFA Security for sign in and wrist bands for your workers.
  • 1.4g brown wrapped demo product not allowed. Demo product to be displayed, must be in market wrapper, with EX number on wrapper.
  • Class-B 1.3g product demo may have multiple firing. All 1.3g Class-B demos must be shot or fired by you or a contracted 1.3g company to do all aspects of your 1.3g demo. The NFA Safety Team does not set up and shoot 1.3g demos. NFA Safety Team will act as Safety Officers on all pyrotechnic material on site. There is NO STORAGE OF 1.3 ON SITE!


The NFA will print all demo handout sheets and put into book form. Printing of your own demo handout sheets and distributing them is strictly prohibited. All demo sheets must be on a standard size sheet of paper (8 ½ X 11) and will be printed in black and white.

Send a copy of your handout demo product shoot sheets to the Safety Team, no later than July 23, 2018 for printing.

The Safety Teams email address is: nfasafetyteam@gmail.com

  • Demo sheets must be in landscape form.
  • Demo sheets must be in black and white
  • There must be a minimum of seven (7) products listed on each page.
  • All product must be listed in numerical order
  • The NFA will have all demo sheets put into book form for all demos.
  • Upon registering for the NFA Expo, in Wichita KS., your Company will be issued a display demo book listing all of the week’s demos and activities in order of presentation.
  • Each member is responsible for his/her demo book.
  • Bring your entire demo product that you listed on your demo shoot sheet, to Andover Central Park the day before (or earlier) of your scheduled demo date.


  • The NFA Safety Team will set up and display your product. IMPORTANT! Go over your list at the shoot site with the individuals setting up you product before leaving, so he/she will know what and how you want your product set up.
  • On the day of your scheduled demo have the person announcing your product along with a company representative, at the demo shoot site between the times of 6-7:00 pm. You will be given your time when your product is brought to the demo site. At this time the Safety Team member that will be shooting your product will go over your set up with you. This will insure your product is set up properly, and that your demo will be displayed the way you want.
  • On the day of your scheduled demo, all announcers are to be at the announcers table 15 minutes before YOUR scheduled Demo. If you do not have an announcer for your demo, NFA Safety will provide one for you.


DEMO items with factory installed E-Match

Any Demo Company that chooses to demo 1.4/ UN 0431 with factory installed electric type ignition must follow the following rules.
1. All items must be shelf ready to sell to your approved customers. No further modifications can be made onsite.
2. You are responsible for your filing system and set-up. NFA Safety Team will supply you with your assigned area.
3. All of these types of Demos will be done on the same night. If more than 1 company will be doing this type of demo, there will be separate areas for all companies.
4. Your people firing these Demos must sit at the announcers table.
5. During your set-up, you MUST have some type of warning device to alert others onsite, that you are doing a continuity test. Please let the NFA Safety Team know what type of warning device you will be using.
6. If your Demo will consist of hand fired items, they will be hand fired by the NFA Safety Team and then you can fire your electrical segment. If for some reason there Is a problem getting your electrical system to operate, your time is still running. You will have your entire Demo slot time, but when the time is over you must shut down your system on orders from the NFA Safety Team.
7. You will have time as usual to re-inspect your demo and to check your boxes and wires. After this is done no one is permitted in the area. This will include NFA Safety Team.
8. The NFA cannot assume any responsibility for firing systems or problems encountered during this segment.

Please see someone from the NFA Safety Team if you have any questions or concerns during your set-up.

DEMO insurance

National Fireworks Association announces an end to Insurance issues for Demo Companies! The NFA can provide your required insurance for your Demo. Just let us know if you wish to use the insurance and we’ll take care of EVERYTHING.

If you choose to use your insurance you may deduct $200.00 from your registration.
Minimum coverage is $5,000,000 (five million).
City of Andover KS.
1609 East Central Ave. Andover KS. 67002
National Fireworks Association (as additional insured also)

If you are using your own Insurance and have questions, please contact Debbie Merlino at 866-893-9510.

If you need a sample of the certificate contact the NFA Safety Team.
For those providing Insurance, your Certificate of Insurance must be on file with the NFA Safety Team by July 23, if you do not have your Insurance NFA will provide Insurance and bill you $200.00 to be paid before your Demo is shot.


DEMO sheet sample

2018 EXPO SAFETY TEAM 13.jpg
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