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Grand Rapids, MI

Wolverine Fireworks 2016 Expo Host  
Wolverine Fireworks Saturday Night Display Co.  
Company Contact Person Level of Donation
    Diamond Exclusive
Big Fireworks Eric Stajos  
Legend Fireworks Ltd.  John Ye   
Winda Fireworks Eddie He  
T-Sky International Group Co., Ltd. Joe Xiao  
Hua Yang Transportation Co., Ltd. 

YuLu Hu 

China National Samkwong Fireworks Co., Ltd.  Chi-Kay Cheung   
Dominator Fireworks Brand Marketing Ed Vasel  
Hop-Kee Pyrotechnics Ltd. Dickson Fok  
Hunan Vanguard Business Development Co. Ltd. Simon Liu  
Lantis Productions, Inc. Kenneth Lantis  
Liuyang Dancing Fireworks Group Leo Zhong  
Red Rhino Fireworks/Cracy Debbies Steve Houser  
Ryder Rosacker McCue & Huston Tami Towne  
Texas Outlaw Fireworks  JT Lawson   
Universal Fireworks Limited Richard Li   

Hospitality Suites at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel    
Motor City Fireworks Elissa Burda Collins
Red Rhino/ Crazy Debbie's Fireworks  Steve Houser  Ottawa
Spirit of '76 John Bechtold Atrium
Jakes Fireworks  Mick Marietta  Govenor's
Shogun Inter-Oriental Fireworks (HK) Ltd.  Joseph CW Wan  Grandview A
Event Sponsors    
Big Fireworks Eric Stajos Lanyards
Brothers Pyrotechnics Company Inc. Garry Wang Handout Bags
Combined Specialty Insurance Debbie Merlino Safety Tees
Winco Fireworks/Black Cat Dave Guccione Event Tee Shirts
Schneitter Fireworks & Importing Co. Schneitter Girls After the Smoke Interior Design
Winco Fireworks Dave Guccione Thurs Evening Entertainment
Miscellaneous Sponsors    
Garrett's World Wide Fireworks Eric Garrett 2016 Expo Collector Glasses 
Pyro Novelties Katherine Guccione Commenorative Pins
Howard Fry    Donation 
Safety Team    Donation 
Union Fireworks Liuyang China  Vicky Zhong Notebook and Pen
Sponsors 2016